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To get a picture of our organization and our work just run your cursor through our brochure and click into the world of high- uality stainless steel and fine wood products. Custom-built models as required.
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furniture production the outstanding qualities of stainless steel with the visual and distinctive characteristics of fine woods. The result is a range of highest quality furniture and equipment. NATSION offers you responsible advice, specialist assistance in arriving at the optimal solution to your individual requirement, from concept to installation. To this end we work with the most modern software systems, autoCAD and Catia and with the latest production equipment to ensure a high-quality realization of your concept. Please read more about the firm NATSON and discover how we can be of service.

Norbert Nattkemper, certified engineer in fabrication technology
  • Training courses in REFA methods for engineers
  • Costing for outside manufacture, budgeting and investment planning
  • Outsourcing, covering Eastern European markets, personnel and Planning capacity
  • Testing procedures and methods in accordance with DNA, ISO 9000 etc.
  • Pre-assembly of individual units, small and medium-sized series
  • Production, surface techniques and sheet metal processing
  • Chip-board technology. Outline form of contract.
  • Commercial Management.


  • Meyer Werft (Radiance of the Seas, Brilliance of the Seas, Norwegian Star, Norwegian Dawn), Referenz: Herr Bernd Kiesewetter, Bauleitung

Architect and Designer Offices:
  • Köck Indoor Design, Referee: Mr. Hermann Eiböck, Managing Director
  • Reuter, Referee: Mr. Richard Kalthöfer, Project Management
  • VHB, Referee: Mr. Helmut Dederichs, Project Management

Interior Design Offices:
  • Aurich, Referee: Mr. Peter Tesche, Managing Director
  • Messner: Referee: Mr. Schwab, Managing Director or Mr. Franz Höller, Project Management
  • Vitrani: Referee: Mr. Paolo Crespi, Project Management
PORTFOLIO Activities

Interior Design and Layout
  • Total furnishing or individually designed units for bars
  • Reception areas, conference rooms
  • Restaurant furniture and equipment, with or without refrigeration (in accordance with USPH regulations)
  • Food serving units
  • Marqueterie with stainless steel framework for decorative wooden Furniture

Behind the scenes
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Refrigerators
  • Cupboards and storage areas
  • Pallets

Stainless steel custom-built units
  • Furnishing units for cruise ships and luxury yachts
  • Series production for new buildings
  • Fitting-out of large kitchen and food serving areas
  • Construction of appliances for food preparation industry
  • Individually designed, custom-built units

Technical installations
  • Drainage systems
  • Water purification
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Garbage sorting tables (refrigerated, if required)

  • Auditing
  • Analysis of material , firms and locations. Report on results
  • Layout planning
  • Transfer of operations
  • Arranging external construction capacity (Germany, Bulgaria, Poland etc.)
  • Investment planning, calculation of economicalness, budgeting
  • Factory planning and procurement
  • Construction planning and inspection
  • Assistance with installation
  • Information on materials and alternatives, particularly woods. And associated materials in unalloyed, in nickel-chrome-steel. And in the range of plastics
  • Surfaces protection and finishing, chemical, thermal, mechanical or Colour finish as required
  • TQM instruction
  • Joint Venture Deutschland – Bulgarien sowie Deutschland – Polen

Special Equipment
  • Conception and construction
  • Production and installation

Material Supply or complete installation
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • GFK
  • Wood

Special Furniture
  • Wet bars fitted with refrigerators
  • Grills with three-sided exhauster hood

  • Stainless steel wrought iron work
  • Special construction to clients’ requirements
  • Other items on demand


Designed by Natson

In addition to equipment in our range of waiter stations Natson can also offer specialized furniture, designed and produced within our organization. One particular distinctive feature is the interplay between functionality and good design.

In the production of our own units we use only high-quality stainless steel and distinctive fine woods.

Naturally our own products are produced to the long-standing Natson quality standards.

Currently in our range are: garden furniture, mobile refrigerated wet bars and a grill with three-sided exhauster hood.
Other items will be introduced shortly.
WS-COUNTER 0368 WS-Counter 0368

The unit is constructed in stainless steel 1.4301 and impresses primarily with its practicability. The upper section contains a drawer on stainless steel guide rails, capable of holding up to 100 kilograms, the lower section is closed by a swivelling door equipped with a magnetic closer and shock absorber. The unit is extremely narrow and is designed for small working areas as well as an extension for larger counters. As for the whole range of Waiter Stations, this model conforms to the relevant Federal German Hygiene Regulations (DIN 18865 H3) and to the USPH guidelines.
Dimensions: 368 mm width, 610 mm depth, 720 mm height. All information about WS-Counter 0368:
Download PDF (254KB).
WS-COUNTER 0680 WS-Counter 0680

Made from brushed stainless steel 1.4301, this ready-made WS Counter 0680 has everything one needs; an integrated drawer on stainless steel rails with a removable container that holds up to 100 kilos; hinged doors fitted with shock absorbers and magnetic catches. These are interchangeable with other counters and easily removable for cleaning purposes. The WS Counter 0680 combines easily with other counters and complies, as our whole range of waiter station products, fully with Federal German Hygiene Regulations DIN 18865H3 and the U.S. American USPH Guidelines.
Dimensions: 680 mm wide, 610 mm deep (inner) 720 mm high All information about WS-Counter 0680:
Download PDF (231KB).
WS-COUNTER 0750 WS-Counter 0750

The two-part counter WS-0750 impresses primarily with its functional and aesthetic qualities and can be fitted with or without refrigeration, according to the customer’s wishes. A characteristic of this two-part counter is the large sanitary compartment in the lower area, the door of which opens to reveal a refuse container. A further functional feature is the opening mechanism of the upper flap, which is levered upwards and disappears completely inside the counter. The model WS-0750 integrates perfectly with all other counters in our range and, naturally, conforms to the relevant Federal German Hygiene Regulation (DIN 18865 H3) and to the USPH guidelines.
Dimensions: Width 750 mm x Depth 500 mm (interior) x Height 870 mm All information about WS-Counter 0750:
Download PDF (231KB).
WS-COUNTER 0900 WS-Counter 0900

The choice is yours: The five-part counter, model WS-0900, is designed either as a built-in unit or, fitted with a stainless steel front base plate, as a free-standing counter. Clad in decorative panels on all sides, the counter fits discreetly in all surroundings and only a close inspection reveals that it is a stainless steel construction. The model 0900 integrates perfectly with all other counters in our range and, naturally, conforms to the relevant Federal German Hygiene Regulation DIN 18865 H3 and to the USPH guidelines.
900 mm width, 500 mm depth (interior), 870 mm height All information about WS-Counter 0900:
Download PDF (231KB).
MÜLLTISCH 1800/2200 Three-part Rubbish Sorting Table Model WS-01800/02200

Attractive, functional, flexible; the three-part rubbish sorting table with decorative front panels can be supplied with or without refrigeration, according to the customer’s wishes. The three doors to the lower area open to reveal three rubbish containers, a simple and effective method of sorting rubbish.

If required, the openings can be closed after use and up to three boards fitted. The three-part rubbish sorting table can be combined with all models in our Waiter Station range and conforms to the Federal German Hygiene Regulation (DIN 18865 H3) and to the USPH guidelines.
Dimensions: 1800 mm width, 750 mm depths, 1350 mm height
(including rear wall). All information about WS-01800/02200:
Download PDF (231KB).
TABLE T7 Table T7

The Table T 7 has a remarkable design. The table foot, for instance, made from polished stainless steel 1.4301, is in the form of a ship’s body. Timeless beauty that the table top reflects and complements; a stainless steel elliptical frame with a glass insert and stainless steel ring. Through the glass the hull shape of the table base can be seen and appreciated. Apart from its optical aspects the table T7 stands out for its workmanship and quality of materials.
Dimensions: 1247 mm wide, 575 mm broad, 600 mm high All information about Table T7:
Download PDF (231KB).

Make yourself comfortable. The natural elegance of garden bench Lasbek encourages you to enjoy your relaxation in harmony with nature. Made from first-class teak wood, the garden bench is pleasing to the eye and produced to a perfect finish. Weatherproof, the bench is available in different lengths and types of timber to the customers’ requirements.
Dimensions: 1860 mm long, 470 mm deep, 800 mm high
Interested in a new first-class garden bench? Give us a call!

Looking for an attractive, robust dining table for your garden? We have got exactly what you want: our weatherproof garden table RADELAND has ample room for four adults. Made from teak wood and stainless steel it fits perfectly with our chairs and garden bench. If required more tables can easily be combined.
Dimensions: 1830 mm long, 870 mm deep, 720 mm high
You want to know more about our garden table? Give us a call!

Afford yourself a sunny outlook and spend summers’ days outside in your new garden chair. Our model Tremsbüttel stands out for its comfort combined with stylish design: Teak wood and stainless steel harmonize perfectly and make this weatherproof garden chair an eye-catching attraction. The garden chair Tremsbüttel combines perfectly with our garden table and bench. It is available as required, with or without armrests.
Dimensions: 630 mm wide, 600 mm deep, 910 mm high
Interested in a new garden chair? Give us a call!
KONTAKT You have queries or idea. Then please contact us and let us talk it over. We are pleased to be of service.

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AGBs NATSON Business Conditions

NATSON conditions of business can be found here as PDF

1. Prices:
All quoted prices are based on current costs, excepting packaging which is calculated at the cheapest available cost, and is non-returnable. We reserve the right to charge extra in the event that substantial price increases in labour or materials or other direct costs occur between confirmation of order and delivery. Any verbal agreements made between the customer and Natson personnel are subject to written confirmation. In the event of cancellation of part or the whole of an order for individual or special units, the customer is responsible for costs incurred up to the date of cancellation. In the event of disagreement over the reasonableness of our prices the customer is not entitled to withhold payment of amounts invoiced and due. 2. Delivery Times:
All delivery times given in our quotations, order confirmations, etc., are made in the light of the best available information and are to be regarded as approximate and in no way binding on Natson. Delivery times commence on the date of order confirmation, every effort will be made to adhere to the quoted delivery dates but any delays which may occur do not entitle the customer to withdraw from the contract, nor to claim for damages. Natson is entitled to make part deliveries. 3. Over- and Under-Production:
5 % tolerance on ordered quantities is allowed. In the case of special manufacture requiring the use of non-standard materials, the tolerance may be increased to 10 %. 4. Faults and Defects:
Complaints regarding faults or defects will only be considered when made in writing within 8 days of taking delivery of the goods and when the goods are still in their delivered condition. A complaint will be dealt with either by repair and amendment or by replacement or by withdrawal from the contract. Deliveries to third parties must be checked for correctness by the customer. Any further claims, such as compensation for damages, penalties for delay, carriage and freight, labour costs and working-over costs incurred without our specific authority are expressly rejected. 5. Payment Terms:
Our invoices are payable either within 10 days of invoice date with 2 % cash discount or within 30 days of invoice date net, if no other terms are agreed. Non-compliance with our payment conditions releases Natson from any delivery obligations but does not release the customer from his responsibility to accept delivery. In the event of overdue or late payment of an invoice interest is payable on arrears, calculated from the date that payment was due until the date that payment is received. This interest is calculated at 2 % over the existing bank rate in Germany. Natson retains the right to use other existing legal rights for recovery of amounts due. 6. Bona Fides:
In the event that the financial situation of the customer deteriorates during the contract period and Natson is not adequately informed or should the settlement of outstanding invoices not be arranged in accordance with our conditions, the total invoice amount is due for immediate settlement. This also refers to deferred payment terms. Additionally, we are authorized to demand suitable securities or withdraw from the contract. 7. Reservation of Proprietary Rights:
The products ordered and delivered remain Natsons’s property until all amounts due are settled, regardless of legal justification. Should Natson decide to implement such a reservation this is not to be construed as withdrawal from contract. If the customer mixes Natson equipment with products from other sources then the customer transfers proportional rights of such mixed products as well as of the monetary claim on the third party to Natson, and this already with the signature of the contract. If the mixed equipment which includes Natson products is forfeited then Natson and the other supplier of such product are to be informed without delay in order to properly protect all proprietary rights. 8. The goods are despatched at customer’s risk. Unless specific instructions are agreed upon in the order, Natson chooses the method and material of transport without responsibility for cheaper transport/material expenses. 9. All offers are made subject to availability. By signing the contract the customer confirms and agrees our delivery and sales conditions. 10.
Bremen is the place of fulfilment of the contract. The Court of Jurisdiction for all claims resulting out of our above mentioned delivery and sales conditions is Hamburg. 11. Purchasing Conditions of our Customers:
Purchasing conditions of our customers will not overrule our own conditions. Automatic legal protest is herewith declared in such cases. This legal protest is valid also if we have not specifically contradicted customers’ proposed conditions.
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